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Help Feed yo face ! Imported from Sweden.  Made of hardened PU composite and adorned with the Fat Kid Revolution name.  This spoon combined with a knife combined with a fork is the end all be all of eating utensils.  Whether it be for camping or an all you can eat competition.  Collect all 3 colors


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    When I type a message on my Samsung Tablet 10.1 there is a 2-3 scenod delay between the time that I strike a key or type a word on the touch screen and when that word pops up on the email.Is this normal? Or is there a fix or setting that I have not found?

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    vaghti mablagh az kart kam shode ama sharj fersteade nashode bayd chikar kard?[]انی کاظمی پاسخ در تاريخ آبان ۲۳م, ۱۳۹۱ (4 weeks ago) ۳:۲۹ ق.ظ:هلیا جان، پشتیبانی در خدمت شماست : ۰۲۱-۶۴۰۰۴[]

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