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  • Fitted hat
  • Wool blend
  • Front logo is lofted. Back logo is flat embroidery.
  • Fast food, fast pace, fast life. Enjoy all of it with this fitted cap.


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    I love it that there are still traditional cematsfrn here. I saw a press last week (with my friend, Julie, just before our visit to the whirling dervishes) and was surprised that there are other colours, not just red your photo shows one that looks khaki/army. I saw blue and bright green and was told that they used to make a lot of them for government officials (the equivalent of a bowler?).We also saw a place that carved bone and shell (complete with a huge turtle shell leaning against the wall)as well as a marketry workshop the boxes and chess sets were exquisite and quite different from the plastic ones you commonly find.We also passed a house with Mecca painted on the side to commemorate the fact that the owner, Mr Hussein, had been, and were told that he had named his son Saddam as a kind of joke!

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    You’ve really imsresped me with that answer!

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