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FKR Its Gold


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Product Description

  • Short Sleeve T-Shirt with front and back logo
  • Cotton Blend

It’s…..GOOOooooooold.  Non Metallic (cuz, lets face it. FOIL print is lame) screen print with distressed effect to break up our Moniker name.


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    DEAR SAJEEVJI,We very happy to inform you that we have heard the prgoram of AIR(Delhi) in the SABERE session.The announcers presented the item very interestingly and your reply was also sweet. The announcers told also about your parents(parivars). Really at a moment they had given a very great message to the society about the love and attention given to you by your great father and mother.THIS IS A GIFT TO THEM.We praise THE GOD. GO AHEAD WITH YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MANKIND. Thank you Sajeev Sarthie John Peter KOCHI, kerala

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