FKR Dipstick


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Product Description

  • Hoodie-Long Sleeve
  • Cotton Blend
  • Front logo is heavy screen print and has a texturized (texturized: we know. It’s not a real word) feel to it.
  • Entire hoodie is single handedly dyed and treated.  Each piece is brewed like a special batch of beer and will differ and be individual from one another.


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    Sounds like you guys are doing some good all over! Glad to hear you are thinking about doiatnng to women’s breast cancer. That is awesome! I’m actually a buyer from ebay and i purchased a scrub top from you about a little over a month ago. The top is holding up just fine and i love the scottie dog print! That website and charity seems good. I’ve heard about them before. Anyways, keep up the great work and keep offering those great scrubs and great deals! If you haven’t started booming already, you will be with prices like those. The styles you have are almost doubled at other places i’ve seen. Good luck!Oh and by the way, can you guys end a listing on ebay and post it on here? I read from somewhere, that you can do that and lower the price a bit to alleviate the ebay costs. Just wondering.

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