IRONMAN 3 sucks no joke

We know We know. We always hate all the movies and all the movies we ever see we think suck or something negative. We get that allot when we write up our critiques but lets face it kids, it’s a critical Fat Kid world out there.
And, well friends. Iron Man 3 is no different.
IM3 SUCKS. We mean, it was sorta torture to watch. We won’t tell you anything you don’t already know but let it be said there are some dissapointments.
Pepper Pots ? Why ? Terrible stupid character played poorly by Gweneth Paltrov. Emphasizing her through out the movie is like Jumping the Shark Tank for Marvel and Palramount.
While I love RDJ (Robert Downey jr) as Iron Man and he is a great actor, I grew tired of his snarkyness and it did not play off well. Especially when they throw a kid in the mix for some serious screen time. You know, for Iron Man to relate to and to help hom be brought back down to earth, humbled and most importantly, to bounce snark off of. Snark Snark Snarky. Same ol same ol.
The way the movie was shot is different too and it did not play well for me. Something in Sahne Blacks style did not jive. Something was off with allot of open shots that made the characcter seem, not as dramatic or as real ? We realize it’s a movie but you gotta make it good.
We even nodded off during it. But. It was a late night showing and we are old and where drinking and had worked both jobbies. Proving A) dedication B)We are actually Fans
That said, we did not even wait for end credit to see the now classic, extra clip and possible tip off to the next flic.
Red Box at best