BorderLand 2 Sep13


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BorderLand 2


Borderlands 2 ! But first ! We gotta know where we come from to know how to go forward.

Judging from the Original Gangsta (Borderland 1) we’re not going to be disappointed. In fact, I think it is awesome, but I don’t want to oversell it cause then people will think it’s crap or something. Let’s put it this way, I woke up this morning wanting to play, and was thinking about it fondly on my way to work. it’s a FUN game, I played it for 3 hours last night and didn’t even notice. I thought I was playing for an hour. I was worried that playing by myself would suck like Left 4 Dead but it did not at all, so I look forward to playing on my own without having to wait for you guys (for the new game)

It’s a combo of Mad Max, Modern Warfare, Halo, Fallout etc… Basically we’re on the planet Pandora looking to find the “Vault” which is big treasure. The planet is Road Warrior-style with other nefarious types looking for the Vault as well and basically everyone is killing each other trying to find it. It’s a Halo rip-off in that we are equipped with our own blue chick in our head just like Cortana. The controls are combo Halo and Modern Warfare. Mostly Modern Warfare, so there was no big change-up and everything felt comfortable right down to pressing on the stick to sprint, RB to throw grenades etc… some buttons are different but you get used to it, or you can switch it in options to be JUST like Modern Warfare.

The weapons are great. I can see why they play it up in advertising. You start off with 12 gun slots and I had them filled almost immediately and I liked all of them! It got hard trying to decide which gun to drop to add another one. That was one of the RPG aspects of it. Cause you would get a pistol, then you would get a pistol with a scope, then you would get a strong pistol with less ammo capacity, then you would get a pistol that lights people on fire. Then you get a sniper rifle and you’re like AW SHIT! Then you can start sniping shit, then you get a sniper rifle that works better on flesh targets than robots, then you get a SHOTGUN,…and so on, you get the point. You also get portable shields ala Halo,…and you can get different ones of those, that are strong but take longer to recharge, ones that work better on energy attacks and etc.. it’s like they say, there are bazillions.

I moved up 4 levels and unlocked my main ability,..oh, I chose to be the commando. his main ability is that he has a turret that shoots and shields on it’s own although I didn’t use it yet.

Story-mode was very mission based…it was basic stuff, probably to get you into the feel of the game,..cause it’s like, go get that can and bring it back here for 48exp and so on. Go kill 5 bandits. go repair this robot. All of them optional of course. I got up to the main boss battle and it was pretty tough. I died a couple of times before I got the hang out it, so it was challenging and fun. I mentioned it’s a beautiful game to look at. So I can only assume that part 2 is going to be amazing. Oh, and the overall “FEEL” of the game is road warrior meets Zombieland, cause they do that kinetic font animation allot and the screen freezes with graphics and whatnot,..I’ll look up the intro on youtube to send you.

The Bad:

It was kinda hard to read and understand the interface. Every time you talk to someone the info screen pops up with mission details and it was a little clumsy to navigate. but that’s in the details, you just need to know the mission, but I like to read everything and go over my stats,..cause I want to know what each weapon does and what not, but sometimes I was like, fuck it, and just picked up the gun and shoot at nothing to see if I liked it, if I didn’t, I would just pick up my old gun. Another thing is that you can pick up stuff that the enemies drop and they drop alot, but you kinda have to be ON it and looking at it to pick it up which was annoying specially when yu are being attacked by a pack of mutant wolf things. I’m sure its something you get used to and probably something they fix in the new game.

Thats it for now. I think people will really enjoy it.   Now back to Transformers: Fall of Cybertron