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Revolution (F.K.R) is a fundamental change in power. We are not ruled by the main stream and their laws. We don’t follow the direction of that world.
Button down, pants, starch collars. The mainstream we are not. We are T shirts and Hoodies. Where Baseball and Football are the accepted sports, we are the All you can eat competitions and Video game Leagues. We are the Paintball, the BMX biking and Ramp Skate competitions. We are the subculture that remains underground no more. We are the revolution and the Fat Kid Revolution begins now. Wear it.


Fat Kid Revolution is a small, specialized and detailed company. We concentrate on the “here and now” like Jedis and pay specific attention to detail. We like to think of our product releases like batches of home brew beer. Made unique, released infrequently and with a distinct flavor and smell to be enjoyed by everyone. The select, the Knowing. We make gear that you, your crew, your team, your boys can rep.